Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Did you know merely increasing the amount of oxygen available in your body can actually improve not only your well-being, but can in fact improve serious health issues and diseases? 

Numerous patients with diseases such as cancers and autism, experience deprived levels of oxygen. There is science to prove how increasing a patient’s oxygen can alleviate common side effects of these diseases.

Ready to give it a try?

Normally $80 - First Session $25


What to Expect During Your Session

Expect to experience increased mental clarity, anti-aging effects, a strengthened immune system, faster repair of wounds and injuries, and improved sleep. 

Relaxing, Spacious, Soft

The chamber inflates around you, allowing you to lie on your back and enjoy a good book or watch something on your phone or iPad.

100% Oxygen

While you are cozied up in the chamber, you will be breathing in 100% oxygen through a mask.

Enjoy the Ride

When the pressure is increasing or decreasing, the sensation you feel is similar to that of an airplane ride; with your ears adjusting to the pressure difference, but nothing uncomfortable.

Why Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment which enhances the body's natural healing processes by inhalation of 100% oxygen in a total body chamber, where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled. It delivers much needed oxygen to all tissues of the body for healing and repair. Oxygen seems like such an obvious answer, since it is so vital to survival, and it is obvious to us! That’s why many alternative healthcare practitioners are striving to employ HBOT in their practices, but at Core Health we’ve already hit that ground running.

Conditions That Have Seen Improvement With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

  • Concussion
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Autism
  • Alzheimer’s/ Dementia
  • Lyme Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Pre- and Post- Surgery
  • Near Drowning

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an extremely safe and effective method to naturally restore health. Although there are minor risks like all medical treatments, overall hyperbaric oxygen therapy is extremely safe.

What are the benefits?

Most illnesses and injuries occur, and often linger, at the cellular or tissue level. In many cases, such as: circulatory problems; non-healing wounds; and strokes, adequate oxygen cannot reach the damaged area and the body's natural healing ability is unable to function properly. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides this extra oxygen naturally and with minimal side effects.  

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves the quality of life of the patient in many areas when standard medicine is not working.

How long are the sessions?

Most of these sessions last one hour.

How does it work?

Under normal circumstances, oxygen is transported throughout the body only by red blood cells. With HBOT, oxygen is dissolved into all of the body's fluids, the plasma, the central nervous system fluids, the lymph, and the bone and can be carried to areas where circulation is diminished or blocked. In this way, extra oxygen can reach all of the damaged tissues and the body can support its own healing process. The increased oxygen greatly enhances the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria, reduces swelling and allows new blood vessels to grow more rapidly into the affected areas. It is a simple, non-invasive and painless treatment.

Normally $80 - Introductory Offer $25

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